About 3RShow


I started this podcast at the tail end of my military career in 2016. I wanted a way to chronicle the past 16 years at that point in my life. The idea was to write a book about all my misadventures, but recording the conversations with my fellow service mates as we talked about our past experiences in the military & in life seemed a lot simpler to me. In the beginning that’s what it was. A few of my fellow service mates messing around talking trash into a microphone. After I separated from the military the world of podcasting opened it’s arms to me. Introducing me to people I thought only existed in news articles & television. Since 2016 this podcast has changed in many ways & in some ways it has also stayed the same. Through all the experiences that have come with doing this show, I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. The show isn’t where I’d like it to be right now, maybe it will never get to that point. Honestly I don’t even know where that point is but I’d really appreciate it if you took that journey with me as I rediscover myself & be as RANDOM as I can be within the limits of the law.